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Sup, I'm Leah. English epic girl gamer from England.

So, before the old forum got royally fucked, I was a soldier, moderator of the Personal Exhibition Board and 2x MOTY Best writer. Currently, I'm the Photography Board Leader, winner of ETX's Writing Contest in the short story category and one of the more active members in the Video Games board.

I write up guides on this forum for the indie game 'Hollow Knight', my current favourite game of all time. If you wanna check them out, they're here:
Hollow :clap: Knight
Mastering The Gods

I love me some video games. Mostly play Nintendo because I only own a Switch and a 3ds. Some of my favourite games include Hollow Knight, Breath of the Wild, Pokemon (Mainseries), Pokemon Mystery Dungeon EOS, Smash, Animal Crossing, DDLC, Splatoon, Dragon Quest IX and Binding of Isaac Afterbirth. I play pokemon competitively and I'm looking to get into Smash competitive once Ultimate drops.

Photography is my main passion. I've been going strong on it since late 2016 and I've improved massively since then. I'm writing up some beginner guides to photography, covering basic technical knowledge and general knowledge. If you wanna check them out, they can all be found here:
The Photography Board

I'm currently in my final year of college so I'm pretty busy, tired and unmotivated.
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